Melania Shares 4 Pics On Facebook, All Have 1 Thing In Common That Liberals HATE

As Americans across the country were preparing for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday on Wednesday afternoon, First Lady Melania Trump shared four pictures on her official Facebook page. All of the images had one thing in common, and it’s something which liberals hate.

Liberals can’t seem to stand the fact that Melania Trump is going to such great lengths to ensure that the people’s house is in tip-top shape for Christmas. On Wednesday, the first lady drove those on the left bonkers by posting four photographs which show that she is heavily engrossed in the Christmas preparations taking place at the White House.

In the first photograph, Melania examines what appears to be an edible recreation of the White House made by the world-renowned chefs at the executive residence. The First Lady examines the masterpiece with a look of approval.

She is accompanied by a man and woman, who look to be members of the White House kitchen staff. The woman is sporting a chef’s hat and is beaming from ear to ear as she shows the excited first lady her creation.

The first lady shared the pictures to show the world that preparations for Christmas are well underway at the White House. Indeed, she seems to be taking the monumental task of preparing 1600 Pennsylvania Ave for Christmas quite seriously.

As usual, rabid liberals had nothing nice to say about Melania’s new photos. However, the overall response was overwhelmingly positive, showing that the opposition is definitely in the minority.

“Thank you for bringing Christmas back! So many of us love you, your beautiful family and our President. Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas! Blessings,” commented one Facebook user. “Love our #FLOTUS Melania. We are so proud again, it’s been decades since we had a First Family who really care for The People and have sacrificed so much to bring America Back!” wrote another.

“I can only imagine how beautiful it will be when she’s finished. She really has excellent taste and style in everything she does. Love my first lady!” stated another commenter. “I hope you and your family have a Happy Thanksgiving!! Thank you for bringing Merry Christmas back the way it should be,” wrote yet another.

It’s lovely to see a first lady taking such an active role in preparing the executive residence for Christmas. Indeed, you can tell from the care and consideration Melania is putting into this project that this is a holiday which is deeply meaningful to her. It appears that she is just as intent on bringing back Christmas as President Donald Trump! Please share this good news if you are proud to call Melania your first lady!

Credits and source: MadWorldNews

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