Trump Will Order Mandatory Drug Tests In 2018

“If you get a paycheck from the federal government, you will be drug-tested in 2018.” That news came from the White House Director of IAP, Jeff Derpinger, just hours after the first round of executive orders for the New Year were announced:

“It doesn’t matter if you’re the guy who fills the straws in the Capitol lounge or the Vice-President of the United States. If your paycheck is issued by the US Treasury, you will have to prove you are drug-free.

President Trump doesn’t want the American taxpayer to bear the burden of feeding, clothing and supporting the habits of junkies.

The order extends to all members of the federal government, including US Senators and Representatives. Only the President is exempt from testing.”

Liberals are calling Trump’s unwillingness to be tested “cowardly,” but a statement released by a National Security Advisor states that Trump’s physiological profile has to remain classified by law.

Democrats are already trying to block the order before it is given, which is expected to be as soon as New Years Day. They will take it directly to their go-to…the 9th District Court of liberal tree huggers. Soros will foot the bill.

President Trump absolutely has the authority to do whatever he sees necessary as chief executive. It’s his job. It’s about time someone is actually doing it.

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