Philadelphia Eagles Stranded In Virginia After Bus Driver Takes A Knee And Walks Off

The Philadelphia Eagles are in a bit of a pickle after a 25-year employee left them stranded on the side of the road miles from anything in rural Virginia. The driver, Martin Shenk, is a combat-wounded veteran who served his country with distinction. According to Trisha Takinowa, who is embedded with the team:

“He pull over. He take a knee. He gone.”

Not a whole lot more to say, is there? Shenk gave the Eagles, who are an almost all-black team that allows its players to kneel at will during the National Anthem, a little bit of how it feels to be disrespected because of someone’s political battles.

The Eagles have a game today in Carolina if they can find a new driver. Apparently, it isn’t as easy as just hopping in the seat. A CDL license and certifications from every state the bus will travel through are required. It will be easier for the Eagles to get a new bus, which will take hours.

Commissioner Roger Goodell refused to delay the start of the game, citing the team’s own negligence as the reason they may miss kickoff.

We will keep you updated on this developing story as it unfolds.

Source: Reagan Was Right

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