Good Riddance: Maxine Waters And John Lewis Are Skipping Trump’s State Of The Union Speech

The next major Trump controversy has arrived in the form of his “sh%thole” comments in reference to some third world nations. It’s turned into a Soviet level propaganda effort since late last week, blasting it across the airwaves that Trump hates brown people because he brashly, yet accurately, described the state of several nations.

It’s a perfect opportunity for media folks, politicians, celebrities, and your liberals friends to signal their outrage on social media, while pretending that they’ve never said anything similar. As for the politicians, the Democrats are taking the opportunity to earn “resistance” cred, as several of the “outraged” individuals have announced they won’t be attending Trump’s first State of the Union address.

As reported at Breitbart, House Democrats Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) and Rep. John Lewis (D-GA) announced Friday that they’ll be skipping Trump’s national speech, citing his recent comments and their general disdain for the man.

Both clowns went on the crackpot MSNBC network to explain their reasoning. While speaking with smarmy host Chris Hayes, Waters said, “Why would I take my time to go and sit and listen to a liar? Someone who lies in the face of facts, someone who can change their tune day in and day out. What does he have to say that I would be interested in?”

“I don’t trust him, I don’t appreciate him, and I wouldn’t waste my time … listening to what he has to say,” she continued. “He does not deserve my attention.” Brave, Maxine, so brave.

Lewis had similar things to say while speaking with host Kat Tur, including accusing Trump of harboring racist sympathies.

“At this junction, I do not plan to attend the State of the Union,” Lewis told Tur. “I cannot, in all good conscience, be in a room with what he has said about so many Americans. I just cannot do it. I wouldn’t be honest with myself.”

“I think the words and his action[s] tend to speak like one who knows something about being a racist. It must be in his DNA, in his makeup,” he added. Interesting, so it’s just in his DNA.

Waters and Lewis aren’t the only leftists in Congress forgoing Trump’s address. Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D-OR) announced last week that he would stay home during the State of the Union to avoid Trump’s “divisive” speech.

“Rather than listening to yet another destructive and divisive speech by Trump, I will not attend this year’s annual address to Congress,” he said in a statement. “Instead, like I did during Trump’s Inauguration, I will be working here at home listening to Oregonians about what they think about the State of the Union.”

It’s really amazing to see the double standards day in and day out that the Left lives by. To them, everything’s racist, including simply disagreeing with their radical left-wing worldview. Trump hasn’t done anything that would hint at “racism in his DNA.” Not wanting the entire third world to flock to the US isn’t morally wrong or racist, no matter what anyone says.

It really doesn’t matter if these leftist clowns really believe the garbage their spewing or if it’s political opportunism–they’re wrong either way.

Source: Breitbart

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