Kneeling Thug Colin Kaepernick Raided By The DEA

Disrespectful punk who refuses to show respect for our flag and our country, Colin Kaepernick, was arrested this morning by the Illinois State Police Drug Enforcement Task Force on charges of trafficking in more than thirty pounds of crack cocaine and heroin.

Kaepernick, who found himself without a job this season after giving up being a football player to be a spokesman for thugs, is facing 40 years in prison. His lawyer says he’s innocent and the victim of an elaborately staged setup.

Captain Royce Bulger of the ISPDTF says they’ve been tracking Kaepernick’s movements for months and have enough video evidence and undercover testimony to put him away until he’s a “very old man”:

“Here you have a guy who threw away millions to support the thug life. It was almost inevitable that he become a part of it.”

The drugs found in Kaepernick’s home are enough for the State of Illinois to take everything from him that he’s obtained since he left the NFL. They consider all of his income after that to be ill-gotten gains. The street value of the drugs he had in his possession are worth more than $7 million.

None of his former teammates, coaches or anyone else cared to comment.

Source: Patriot Post

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